Jakarta, November 2015 – Following the introduction of the first two collections – MIRTH and ODYSSEY in the early 2015, NOKI is now thrilled to dress you up in REIGN the Fall / Winter collection. REIGN is the essence of winning, it is subtle and yet striking. For these personable qualities, NOKI will make a twist to the launch by introducing the collection through a different concept. This time NOKI will get together with selected influencing media personalities in a private luncheon. The event will take place at Arasseo Soju Bar and Eatery on November 19th, 2015.

REIGN Fall / Winter collection is a portrayal of NOKI distinctive nature as a woman. She is passionate,humble and charming with richness of spirit and strength that creates an air of mystery. Likewise, Fall/ Winter season is commonly known as season of transition, the kind of season that is associate withchilly weather and darker shades of grey.

NOKI REIGN Collection channels the whole notion of fall and winter season through its design, colourpalette and avant garde tailoring. Oversized and asymmetric cut is what NOKI picked for the seasonbecause REIGN should be perceived as a little androgynous and bold. Navy blue, burgundy and winterwhite are the main colours theme that accentuates the textures and fabrics. REIGN sums up allfeatures that speak ‘attitude’.

 This time NOKI reveals the best out of her traits and embodies them to every cut of REIGN collection.NOKI is stepping up the game by showing more of herself to the world outside and personally sharing her thoughts to you.